Seaway Business Park


Office & Office/Warehouse Suites

Gulfport, Mississippi

General Questions

What makes Seaway Business Park a central and convenient location for the Gulfport/Biloxi area?

Seaway Business Park is around the corner from Interstate 10 and Highway 49, which connects Gulfport to neighboring cities such as Biloxi, Ocean Springs and D’Iberville. All neighboring cities can be reached within minutes.

What are Seaway Business Park’s lease terms?

We do not post our lease terms for Seaway Business Park because we do not have a standard set of lease terms. Each customer is unique and we strive to offer something for everyone.

Can I expand my commercial space in the middle of my lease term?

Several businesses have expanded in the middle of a lease term, including Sherwin Williams and Rotech Healthcare.

How soon can I start my lease?

Our vacant office spaces and warehouse spaces are kept in ready-to-occupy condition. With credit approval, our commercial spaces are ready for your business to move in right away.

Does Seaway Business Park have on site management?

Yes! Our offices are located within Seaway Business Park.

What does Seaway Business Park require upfront?

Seaway Business Park requires an approved credit application for all tenancy. Deposits vary by the terms of the lease.

What are some of Seaway Business Park’s amenities?

Seaway Business Park offers waste disposal service, community forklift ramps, individual postal lockers, security lighting, concrete streets and sidewalks, abundant parking, weekly groundskeeping, attractive landscaping, on site management and convenient access to I-10, US-49 and US-90.

Can I lease an office space and a warehouse space?

Yes! If you would rather have your office space in a separate commercial building than your warehouse space, we can lease them separately at our commercial property.

Why are rental rates not displayed for the commercial real estate properties on the Seaway Business Park website?

We are not able to offer rates on our website because each space is a little bit different. Our office spaces and warehouse spaces may look the same from the outside of the commercial buildings, but the finishes and room layouts vary from space to space.

Do I have to pay for parking?

No! Seaway Business Park offers abundant parking for its office spaces and warehouse spaces.

What are the local utilities?

Our water is provided from Harrison County. Our power is supplied by Mississippi Power. Several vendors offer high speed internet, including fiber optic, such as AT&T, Cable One, C Spire Wireless and Southern Light.

What does the City of Gulfport require from new tenants?

The City requires all businesses to obtain a privilege license. More information can be found on the City of Gulfport’s website.

Office Space Questions

Do all office spaces have the same layout?

Each office space typically has a different room layout/floor plan and different finishes, such as carpet and paint

Does Seaway Business Park offer any virtual office space?

At this time, we do not offer any virtual office space.

Does Seaway Business Park offer shared office space?

At this time, we do not offer any shared office space.

What is the smallest office space that Seaway Business Park offers?

Our office spaces are as small as 600 square feet.

What is the largest office space that Seaway Business Park offers?

Our largest commercial office building, at this time, is 7,200 square feet. With 29 acres, we are able to accommodate larger commercial buildings and can build to suit to any size.

Does each office space have its own restroom?

Each office space contains at least one private restroom.

What is the height of the ceilings in the office spaces?

Each office space has 9’ ceilings.

Warehouse Questions

What is the smallest warehouse space that Seaway Business Park offers?

Our smallest warehouse spaces are 1,500 square feet.

What is the largest warehouse space that Seaway Business Park offers?

Our largest commercial warehouse building is 18,000 square feet, although we can build to suit to accommodate any size.

Does Seaway Business Park offer outside storage?

Yes! We offer fenced outside storage yards.

Does every warehouse space have a rollup/overhead door?

Each warehouse space has at least one 12’ x 12’ rollup door. Some warehouse spaces feature drive-through rollup doors.

Do any of Seaway Business Park’s commercial properties offer dock height?

We currently have one office/warehouse building that features dock height at a commercial property on Seaway Road.

Can an 18 wheeler get in and out of Seaway Business Park to make deliveries?

Trucks make incoming and outgoing shipments daily in Seaway Business Park.

How much office is in each warehouse space?

Each warehouse space has a different amount of office space. We strive to offer a commercial space that will suit everyone’s needs. Thus, some warehouse spaces have just a small office and others have a larger amount of office space than warehouse space.

What is the ceiling height in the warehouse?

Each warehouse space has a 14’ eave.

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